Tap In Golf Interview: Hank Haney

This past weekend, legendary swing coach Hank Haney was in the DC area promoting his junior golf academy, the Hank Haney International Junior Golf Academy. I was lucky enough to sit down and chat with the man that coached Tiger Woods for about six years. We chat about many things including The Master’s, Rory McIlroy, Tiger, and most importantly, Five Guys burgers and fries.

Take a listen below. Also featured on the clips are the not nearly as famous, but no less important, Tap In Golf contributors Mike Scott and Adam Stewart.

Segment 1 – Hank Haney discusses the Hank Haney International Junior Golf Academy. The thing that stands out to me, over 90% of the students at Hank’s academy receive a college golf scholarship. Pretty interesting stuff.

Segment 2 – We discuss what is more difficult, working with kids or professional athletes.

Segment 3 – What’s better for a swing coach, starting from scratch (aka someone who has never played) or fixing an existing swing? Also, can you guess what Michael Phelps’ swing speed is? Hint: it’s not fast.

Segment 4 – Speaking of swing speed, is it better to swing hard or swing fast. Yes, there is a difference. We also talk about the most important part of the game: distance.

Segment 5 – Like most readers of this site, I am very muscly, but is it going to help my golf game?

Segment 6 – Here’s where things get really good. I am admittedly an average golfer. I’d like to believe that is because I can’t get to the range enough. So how can I maximize my time when I am there? What if I just want to hit drivers for an hour? Hank says that’s okay!

Segment 7 – This is Master’s week. What tradition does Hank like most about being at Augusta?

Segment 8 – Maybe the most important question of the interview: What does Hank order at Five Guys? And can he finish an order of fries? (Note: If you have never been to Five Guys, find one. Get in your car and go to there immediately.)

Segment 9 – Who is going to win the Master’s? Tough to say for Hank, but it is going to be the best player. What goes into that though? Hank discusses the stats that  translate to wins at Augusta National and the rest of the PGA Tour schedule.

Segment 10 – Hank talks about stepping away from coaching tour pros, including some guy named Tiger.

Segment 11 – So we’ve talked about it a lot here, but we wanted to get Hank’s thoughts on Rory. What is going on there? Hank has some ideas. We also chat about the best in the game right now.