Adam Scott

Who to Follow for Masters Week

I don’t have to tell you, because you already know, its Masters Week. Like most of the people that read this site, I am sure you are stuck in an office for the first two rounds of the tournament. But this being 2014, there are great resources like Twitter to help you follow all of the action.

So I thought I would put together a list of my favorite follows on Twitter. Some of these you may follow already, some you may not. Follow them this week and beyond. These are the best and brightest of the online golf world.


Shane Bacon (@shanebacon): Honestly, this dude is the gold standard for golf bogging. A great mix of excellent writing and behind the scenes knowledge.

Kyle Porter (@kyleportercbs): Ditto to what I just said about Shane. Awesome follow and a great sense of humor.

Ashley Mayo (@AshleyKMayo): Despite the fact that she is a UVA Grad, Ashley is a fantastic writer for Golf Digest.

Dan Jenkins (@DanJenkinsGD): Speaking of Golf Digest, you should follow the legend that is Dan Jenkins. He’s covered 64 Masters. SIXTY-FOUR.

Stephanie Wei (@stephaniewei): Pronounced “Way,” Stephanie will keep you in the loop for all the on course action. She will also post a ton of behind the scenes pictures from Augusta.

Brendan Porath (@brendanporath): Brendan heads up the golf page for SB Nation (along with Emily Kay, @golfexaminer). If you are looking for refreshing takes on the Masters and the golf world, check this guy out.

J. Camm (@jcamm_): Managing Editor at BroBible. Has a picture of Roy McAvoy in his Twitter profile. Need I say more?

Chad Coleman (@hashtagchad): Social Media guy for Callaway. Fantastic with the Go Pro and everything social media.

Adam Fonseca (@chicagoduffer): A man after my own heart. A supposed duffer with a passion for writing about the game he loves. Operates a great website and contributes to the Back 9 Network.

Adam Sarson (@adam_sarson): This dude is the king of the golf .GIF. He also operates a fantastic site that you should check out.

Adam Staelin (@threeguysgolf): I guess I follow a lot of guys named Adam. This Adam runs Three Guys Golf, which provides great reviews of new golf stuff. Also a great follow during tournaments.