Tiger Woods Back

Tiger Chipping and Putting

ESPN’s Bob Harig is reporting that Tiger Woods has started to chip and putt as he attempts to return from back surgery. If you recall, Tiger underwent the surgery to alleviate pain related to a pinched nerve. The surgery caused him to miss the Masters for the first time in nearly 20 years.

According to Harig, Woods is “on schedule.” Whatever that means.

As is usually the case with Tiger, those in his camp will give us little to zero information. His back surgery and subsequent rehab are no different. All we know at this point is that Tiger will likely make a comeback this summer.

Does that mean we will see him at the US Open? Or maybe the British at Hoylake? Who the hell knows. One thing will be certain in the next few months, however. We will speculate, make predictions, and talk about Tiger Woods even when he is not on any golf course near us or our TVs.