Tap In Golf Review: I Need The Ball

I have to be honest, when the guys from I Need The Ball came to me and said they had a golf ball they wanted me to try out, I was skeptical. Like most golfers, I have always played golf balls from traditional manufacturers like Titleist and Callaway. But the upstarts at I Need the Ball want to change the way you think about your golf ball.

I took some into the simulator to see what “The Ball” is all about.

First Impressions

The first thing you will notice about these balls is that they don’t really look like anything else out there. Instead of text, The Ball features a pretty cool snake logo. It’s a pretty big departure from what we consider to be traditional golf balls. There is also an arrow to help align putts, so that’s nice. You might also notice that there isn’t a number. Not a big deal if you have a Sharpie on you.

Also, the packaging is simple, but very cool. The sleek black box is excellent and proves that sometimes, less is more.

I Need the Ball

This bold design will turn heads the next time you tee it up.


The feel of the ball is not quite as soft as, say, a ProV1, but it’s not like you are going to be hitting a rock. The ball is designed to produce a little less spin and give you some added distance without sacrificing touch around the green. After a few cuts in the simulator, I would agree with that.


When it comes to performance, I didn’t notice a big difference between this ball and my usual ProV1 and Callaway Hex Black choices. In fact, it was scary how similar they performed. I normally hit and 8 iron about 150-155 yards. This was the case with I Need The Ball. When I put a good swing on the ball I got a very similar trajectory and distance (maybe a tiny bit more) to the more expensive Titleist and Callaway models.

Final Thoughts

As I mentioned above, I was skeptical of The Ball. At first I thought, who are these guys and how are they going to take down the big guys? A fair question, but as I’ve learned more about The Ball and the company, it didn’t seem that crazy. Add in the fact that they were recently included on the Golf Digest Hot List and you will see that this is a brand that is going places.

The Ball is a great product with performance similar to some of the big guys at a fraction of the cost. If you want to make a statement, play well, and save a little cash, these are the balls for you.

Maybe the only drawback of The Ball is that they are not available at your local pro shop. That’s okay, I am sure the folks at I Need The Ball will send you all you need! Once you get some, you will quickly see that these guys are not crazy. In fact, they are a very cool, growing company with a lot of potential.

Check out their website and follow them on Twitter right now.