Who Will Replace Tiger Woods for EA Sports?

If you recall, the other day I talked about how EA Sports is dropping Tiger Woods as the face of their golf game. While I am not excited about the situation, it seems logical that EA Sports will tap someone to replace Tiger on next year’s version of the game. But who will they choose? I have some ideas.

Rory McIlroy (2/1 odds)

This is an easy one. Outside of Tiger Woods, Rory is quite possibly the most marketable golfer in the world. And while his game might be a question mark right now, there is no denying his international appeal. Also, he has been on the cover before, albeit, alongside Woods. This seems like a slam dunk for EA.

Keegan Bradley (10/1) 

I could see Keegan getting the nod as well. He is one of the bright young stars in United States golf right now and would be easily identifiable among golf fans. Plus the passion with which he plays the game makes him a fan favorite.

Jason Dufner (10/1) 

Duff Daddy was a breakout star this fall after winning the PGA Championship and playing exceptionally well at the President’s Cup. Dufner may find his way onto the cover due to the fact that he is fresh in most golf fans minds. Plus, if you include his very attractive wife, I would buy a couple copies.

Jordan Spieth (20/1) 

If you are regular reader of this site, you know that I have a major man-crush on Spieth. He is the fastest rising star in the game today and it would not shock me to see him land the cover. Maybe EA Sports is with me in thinking Jordan will have a huge year.

Dustin Johnson (50/1)

DJ might be a long shot to land the cover, but as the great Lloyd Christmas once said, “so you’re saying there’s a chance.” Maybe. Johnson is a pretty popular guy and can hit the ball a mile. Plus he joins Dufner in the attractive significant other category, which can’t hurt his chances.