Tiger Woods and EA Sports Split Up

Yesterday, it was announced that EA Sports will be ending their relationships with Tiger Woods. For the past 15 years, EA has produced a golf game with Tiger’s name and likeness all over the place. The games became so detailed that you could noticed the different iterations of Tiger’s swing. The games also allowed fans to play courses like Augusta, Pebble Beach, Torrey Pines, and many more classics. The games were awesome and only got better year after year.

But without Tiger, will the EA Sports golf game have the same appeal? Only time will tell, but it is pretty obvious that attaching Tiger’s name to the game helped to move product. Sure, the graphics will continue to be spectacular. Golf fans will still be able to play the most famous courses in the world without spending a ton on greens fees and plane tickets. But if you can’t play with the best player in the game, will you buy the new EA Sports game? I don’t know that I would.

The same thing happened in the 90s with Michael Jordan and basketball video games. For some reason, Jordan was never in any basketball game. For me, it was a sticking point. I’m not going to plunk down $50 to play a game without the best player in the world. I imagine the same scenario will play out for EA Sports next year no matter how much time and effort is put into improved gameplay and graphics.

I’m not sure what caused this split, but I don’t see how it could be positive for EA Sports.