The Big Bertha is Back

Growing up, I loved to play golf. As a younger golfer, it really didn’t matter what equipment I was using. I just liked to get out there. That all changed with the original Big Bertha driver from Callaway. I knew, even at a young age, the Big Bertha was the club to have.

And I finally got my hands on one, albeit much too late. It was a cut down version of my Dad’s beat up Bertha, but it was a Big Bertha, nonetheless. I felt like John Daly or Tiger Woods with that thing.

But this isn’t about me. This is about the Big Bertha, which is back. Today, the fine folks at Callaway announced that the Big Bertha driver is making a comeback, putting an end to much speculation over the past few weeks.

For the full details, check out Chad Coleman on Twitter. He has been posting pictures and videos all day.

I would love to get my hands on one in the next few weeks (ahem, Callaway people, ahem) but in the meantime, I do have some initial thoughts:

–          If you think of the original Big Bertha, you think about distance. This version seems to be no exception which should be a big selling point.

–          This version of the Bertha is the 21st century version in every way. Callaway has incorporated the very latest in adjustable driver technology.

–          Callaway has even expanded on the adjustable model. For the first time, you can adjust spin, independent of loft with the new Big Bertha. Cool!

Anyway, this will be a big seller this holiday season and the beginning of next year. I can’t wait to get out there and hit one of these bad boys if for nothing else than to reminisce about my childhood and bomb some tee balls.