Tap In Golf Review: Pure Grips

If you have been following me on Instagram and Twitter, you would know that I just spent some time out in Arizona with the great folks at Pure Grips. (Tough life, I know. Also, this is a subliminal message for you to follow me on both Instagram and Twitter.)

With that being said, I thought I would give you the scoop on what I found out there.

First, off the grips these guys produce are super high quality. So if you are a Golf Pride or Wynn guy and are concerned with quality, there won't be a drop off with Pure Grips. In fact, these grips may even last longer thanks to the materials that Pure Grips uses.

All of their grips are made out of 100% rubber, not a composite like many other grips and are great in all weather conditions. And if you manage to wear one out in a 12 month time period, they will send you a new one.

There are also several models to choose from, ranging from softer feel to hard and they come in a variety of textures.

After trying out several of the grip types I went with the Pure Pro model. What makes Pure Grips really cool is that they will customize your grips. If you want to look like a pro, show up to the first tee with custom made grips. Take a look at mine. I got my name on there and a VT logo for my alma mater, Virginia Tech. You can do the same, although given the current state of our football team, I wouldn’t recommend it.  

Finally, probably the best part of the Pure Grips product is the installation process. Because of the design of these grips, you can install them without tape or solvents. This makes a previously messy process very easy. All you need is an air compressor and an attachment which you can purchase at the Pure Grips website. (Note: they still go on the tradtional way too, if you want to do that.) Take a look at how easy installation is:


These are going to be my go to grips moving forward and I recommend you do the same. A big thanks to everyone at Pure Grips, I am definitely a fan of your product and company. Cheers!