On Tap this Week: 8/22/13

As the summer winds down and we move into fall, the PGA Tour enters it’s playoff season. PLAYOFFS. (Note: I will not insert a video of Jim Mora saying “playoffs” over and over again. Everyone does that. Feel free to look that up at your leisure.)

The FedEx Cup playoffs get started this week with The Barclays. Let’s take a look at the action.

Tournament: The Barclay
Location: Liberty National GC, Jersey City, NJ
Dates: 8/22/13 – 8/25/13

I may be in the minority, but I really like the idea of the PGA Tour playoffs. They work, in theory. But then again, communism works in theory.

The FedEx Cup infuses a level of competition that was previously missing from the fall Tour schedule. Now, some may argue that the added competition and drama is manufactured and that PGA Tour pros don’t really care. That may be true to a certain extent. But I think a lot of that is due to the newness of the FedEx Cup. After all, there have only been a handful of FedEx Cups given out. Get back to me in twenty years. I’d be willing to bet as time goes on, the FedEx Cup will become more important to the pros.

The bigger problem with the FedEx Cup playoffs has been the format. Can anyone figure out what is going on? The scoring has also been changed and tweaked so many times that it is tough to keep up.

Take last year as an example. Rory McIlroy won twice in the playoffs and didn’t win the FedEx Cup. Huh? My advice: just watch and enjoy the best in the world going at it for the next month or so. I promise they will announce the winner at the end.

Let’s talk about the actual tournament, shall we?

The Barclays will return to Liberty National this year. If you recall, Liberty National was the host of the Barclays in 2009. You may also recall, Liberty National was none-to-popular with the PGA Tour’s best, including an unimpressed Tiger Woods. But there have been significant changes in the past four years that will hopefully change the perception of Liberty National. Also, the scenery might be the best of the year. Almost every hole features a picturesque backdrop of New York City. Don’t believe me? Search Twitter or Instagram. Every pro, writer, and fan has posted a picture of NYC from the course. EVERYONE IS DOING IT.

Speaking of Tiger Woods, his roller coaster of a season, um, rolls, into Jersey City atop the FedEx Cup standings. As I stated above, I can’t figure out how FedEx Cup points are calculated, but I would be willing to bet Tiger has a pretty good chance of winning the whole thing. He has a sizeable lead and has won an astonishing five times this year. Making a run at a third FedEx Cup begins this week.

Back in 2009, Eldrick finished 2nd so that’s good enough reason for me to pick him this year. He has been the best out there this year and this isn’t a major. That has usually translated to success for Tiger this year.

On Tap Recommendation: As I have mentioned before, my brother works for the Brooklyn Brewery. It just so happens the Tour will be extremely close to the brewery this week. That means I will be filling up on Brooklyn Post Road which is a tasty, fall pumpkin brew. Pick some up and enjoy. Cheers everyone!