PGA Tour…Seriously, Bro?

Keegan Bradley

The PGA Tour’s stance on Twitter doesn’t make a lot of sense.

So, I kind of went on a rant last night. The PGA Tour issued a release (or maybe it was an email) saying they would revoke the credentials of anyone in the press that tweets play-by-play updates. Uhh, what?

As you know, our media regulations prohibit the use of real-time, play-by-play transmission in digital outlets.  In order to enforce these regulations, beginning this year, we will revoke the on-site credentials of all journalists affiliated with outlets that post play-by-play coverage, whether those posts are originating from tournament site or otherwise.

Thanks for your cooperation.



Thanks to Wei Under Par for the above text. Are you kidding me? What year is this? How on Earth can the Tour be this archaic? If you would like to take a look at my rant from last night, follow me on twitter. But I will sum it up for you here and hopefully expand on it a little.
Like most Americans, I have a job. I work in an office. I am not a member of the media that is fortunate enough to attend every PGA Tour tournament. I probably never will be. But, I love the game of golf. I love to read about it, watch it, play it. That’s part of the reason I write this blog. Tell me PGA Tour, how can I follow along with the game I love if Twitter (or other social media platforms) didn’t exist?
While I am chained to my desk during the day, I love to get updates on my favorite players. When I finally get home, I know what is going on. I know that Tiger just birdied and is chasing Rory (just a hypothetical). I know that Rickie Fowler is choking. I know that Dustin Johnson took a “bathroom” break. But instead of ignoring the tournament, I put it on. I am invested in it.
The fact that I am missing something during a day is an issue. But it is just one I have with the PGA Tour. Here comes the main one.
The PGA Tour seems concerned with the bottom line of TV revenues. That’s fine. I totally get that. But where they fall off, is that social media ENHANCES the experience of watching a tournament on TV. Just right now I am watching the Farmers Insurance Open. You know what else I am watching? My Twitter feed. I am talking with other fans about what we are watching. It is enriching conversation with other people that enjoy the game as much as I do.
The last thing I will say to the PGA TOUR, GOLF FANS ARE ON TWITTER. Look at Rory, Tiger, Keegan, Rickie, and so on. They have millions of Twitter followers. People care about what they are doing on a random Wednesday during the dead of winter. How do you think those same people feel on a Sunday of a major championship? They are emotionally invested in their every shot. They hang on every putt. They want to know EVERYTHING about their favorite players. If they know exactly what is going on at all times, they become bigger fans. A connection is created.
Do the right thing PGA Tour. Give fans the access they so desperately crave. Shit, if players weren’t head cases, I’d tell you to let them tweet from the course. But that is a different subject all together.