Rory and Nike: Does it Matter?


Rory with his new Nike driver.

One of the most talked about storylines from the past weekend involved Rory McIlroy and his much ballyhooed equipment change. Last week, it was announced that Rors had switched from Titleist sticks to Nike. All 15 clubs, including a switch from Scotty Cameron to a Nike Method putter. Rory went out and missed the cut with two lackluster performances. Immediately, the Twitter world clubbed Nike (PUN INTENDED ), saying it was the equipment that caused Rory to struggle. To that I respond, “come on man.”

I’m pretty sure that Rory didn’t go to his local Golf Galaxy to pick up a new set of clubs. (Note: Even if he did, you can get them custom fitted for FREE.) The clubs he is playing with are completely custom made and are a result of hours and hours of testing. Launch monitors, swing speed, angles, the list goes on. Rory will be just fine. I would chalk his poor performance up to being rusty, not the equipment. Also, it could be possible he had something else on his mind. Turns out Rory is now engaged to his longtime girlfriend, Caroline Wozniacki.

One interesting note, Rory did ditch the Method after the first round. We shouldn’t be shocked by this. How many times has Tiger gone back and forth? A lot. The answer would be a lot.