Tiger and Rory in Abu Dhabi: They Gone

Rory McIlroy

Rory and Tiger Miss the Cut

Welp, that was quick. Coming into the week, we were hoping for a duel between Tiger and Rory. Well we got one. Kind of. These guys played a game of who-can-make-the-least-mistakes. Ultimately, Tiger and Rory missed the cut in their season debut.

Rory looked a bit off for the first two rounds. Maybe it is the new equipment. Maybe it is rust. Maybe a combination of both. He just wasn’t hitting the ball the way we are accustomed to. Maybe, he wasn’t into it. These early season tournaments in exotic locations often don’t bring out the best in a golfer. They do, however, come with a nice payday for just showing up. Rory will take his appearance money and head to the range for the weekend.

Tiger looked like he had made the cut. He was going to work on his game and prepare for the weekend. But then a funny thing happened. Tiger was assessed a two stroke penalty for an improper drop on the 5th hole, putting him outside the cut line. Ouch. Guess Tiger can hang out with his BFF a little more this weekend.

It always shocks me when things like this happen. These guys are the best in the world and get paid like it. You would think that KNOWING THE RULES would be one of the most important things to them. I mean, I get it. The rule book is long and has a lot of tiny writing. That’s why I just make it up as I go for the most part. But these guys are professionals. I don’t get it.

Oh well. These guys will be fine. It is important to remember that this is the first competitive golf they’ve played in a while. We will see them contending on Sundays a lot this year.