On Tap this Week: 1/10/13

Dustin Johnson

DJ wins in more ways than one.

Tournament: Sony Open in Hawaii
Location: Waialae Country Club, Honolulu, Hawaii
Dates: 1/10/13 – 1/13/13

The PGA Tour will continue to spend time in the Hawaiian Islands this week. In January. Assholes. Whatever, this is good for me. Coverage here on the east coast won’t start until 7:00 PM. I can nurse a hangover all day and then have a couple cocktails while watching golf at night. Then do it all again the next day. It’s a vicious cycle.

Anyway, while we freeze here on the mainland, a whole bunch of above average tour pros will take to the track at Waialae Country Clyb in Honolulu. I say above average because, while this is a nice tournament, it doesn’t really have the sizzle of mid-summer tournament. No Tiger, Rory, Phil, etc. This tournament does have one thing going for it though. Did I mention it’s in Hawaii? That means you can watch golf in primetime and reflect on how you didn’t spend time at the driving range as a kid.

Hopefully this tournament will be completed on schedule, unlike the debacle in Maui last week. There’s a good chance of that happening because the weather in Honolulu should be calmer than the weather last week on the side of a freaking volcano.

Since most of you have lives and will most likely not be watching golf on your Friday and Saturday night, I will go ahead and tell you who is going to win this thing. Last year, Johnson Wagner took home the trophy and got lei’d in the process. (Get it? There in Hawaii! Puns!) While I always like to root for a fellow Hokie and a fantastic mustache, I don’t see him getting the repeat victory. I do see someone from his opening round group winning though. That man is Dustin Johnson.

Last week, DJ took a break from smoking weed and tagging the Great One’s daughter to actually play GOOD GOLF. What leads me to believe he continues this trend? Just a hunch, I guess. Probably has something to do with the fact that she is really, really hot. Motivation maybe? Watch out for a hot-boxed private jet crossing the Pacific next week with TWO trophies riding shotgun.

On Tap Recommendation: Easy answer here is to say something Hawaiian. Mai Tai, Tequila Sunrise, ANYTHING in a stupid glass with an umbrella. I am thinking outside the box here, though. Check out Kona Brewing Company. Sip a couple of these brews then binge drink on Natty Light or something to round out your Friday night. Cheers!