We’re Back!

Tiger Woods and Rory McIroy

Welcome Back to Tap In Golf

And we’re back…

Where the hell have we been? Well, to be honest, last year was a tough one. I went through some personal shit that didn’t allow me to focus my time on this site the way I wanted to. That’s really all I have to say about that. But the point is, Tap In Golf is back.

With the best players in the world once again teeing it up, I figured that it was a great time to get back into this thing and start typing. Whether anyone wants to read what type or not, doesn’t matter. Just in the same way no one care what Rickie Fowler wears. He’s gonna do it anyway.

This week marks the start of the 2013 PGA Season. Big names are out in Kapalua this week and, I for one, have better things to do than watch the snoozer of a tournament. I am still recovering from the holidays and getting back into work mode. Sure there are stars there, but not the biggest ones. Sure it’s golf January, but it’s cold here and I just can’t get into it. Yet.

That being said, I am working on big things for the site this year that I hope you will enjoy. Look for my awesome (long) 2013 preview in the coming days. I will do silly things like pick the winners of the four majors and other hacky bits. A great time will be had by all. Maybe. Whatever it’s your choice.