First Rule of Being a Navy SEAL, Don’t Talk About Being a Navy Seal

Tiger Wanted to Be a Navy SEAL

What's more accurate: this tank or Tiger's driver? (AP)

This week, former Tiger Woods swing coach Hank Haney has a book coming out. Cool. But in the book, Haney divulges juicy nuggets regarding Tiger’s personal life. (Note: not the juicy nuggets I would prefer). One of the juicier nuggets is the fact that Tiger thought of giving up golf to become a Navy SEAL. What a cool, badass thought. I’m done playing the game of golf, I’m gonna go kill people for a living. Sounds good in theory.

While this would have been a noble career move for Eldrick in the eyes of the public, he doesn’t really like to talk about it. When pressed about it today, Tiger gave a more-than-usual douche bag answer. Deadspin has the full clip.

Can Tiger be more of a dick? The greatest golfer of a generation, possibly of all time can’t answer a question about the fact that he wanted to seek out terrorist scum as a part of the world’s most elite killing squad? Come on Tigre. It’s not like they asked you how many times you had Ambien sex with some pornstar. They asked about you making a life altering decision to benefit the United States of America.

Don’t get me wrong, I am a Tiger supporter. I don’t try to hide it. But it’s things like this that make him one of the most hated athletes in the world. We get it dude. You are pissed at Hank Haney. You are possibly a little bitter you haven’t won a tournament since you dumped him as your coach.